7th Web as Corpus Workshop (WAC-7): Programme

To be held in association with WWW2012 in Lyon, France, 17th April 2012

Sponsored by ACL SIGWAC

9.00 Welcome
9.10 Invited Talk: Benno Stein
Exploiting the Web for Text and Language Reuse Applications
10.00Marco Brunello
Understanding the composition of parallel corpora from the web
10.25 Vit Suchomel, Jan Pomikalek
Efficient Web Crawling for Large Text Corpora
10.40 Coffee
11.00 Ed Chow, Dayne Freitag, Paul Kalmar, Tulay Muezzinoglu, John Niekrasz
A corpus of online discussions for research into linguistic memes
11.25 Paul Rayson, Oliver Charles, Ian Auty
Can Google count? Estimating search engine result consistency
11.50 Tobias Roth
Using Web Corpora for the Recognition of Regional Variation in Standard German Collocations
12.15 Yannick Versley, Yana Panchenko
Not Just Bigger: Towards Better-Quality Web Corpora
12.40 Discussion, wrap-up
13.00 End
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